Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisons you will make in your life! 

There are many important steps in this process, and getting Pre-Approved is one of the first!
You will want to know how much home you can afford. Usually, the pre-approval process can start over the phone and/or online, and it goes very quick. In most cases you will know your qualifing amount in a few short days. You will want your pre-approval done prior to looking at homes. Sellers require pre-approvals before they accept an offer.

The lender you choose will go over all the options available to you. The different types of loans and the interest rates.
We have found it best practice to work with a local lending institution such as a bank, or credit union. It can be difficult for an agent to get answers needed right away from a lender in another state. It's great to be able to walk right into a lenders office if needed. They too also have a reputaion to uphold in the community, and want to do a good and thorough job for you.
We have several preffered lenders to help you get started on your process. Email for a list.

Rent vs Own: 

When you own a home, you are investing in your future. As well as the financial perks such as tax deductions and home equity. Technically, you are already paying a mortgage, it's just not yours.

Finding a Home: 
This is the exciting part!! We would be honored to be your Realtors and help you find your new home!
We first have a phone or in person visit to find out the most important things you are looking for in a home.
We will set you up on our automated search, and also be looking for homes not yet on the market as well.
At the time of our phone consultation we will go over the Home Buying Basics so you know what to expect through the entire process.
Things we will discuss: Earnest Money, Home Inspection, Getting Home Owners Insurance, How long closing takes, when you will get keys, when you will move in, making moving arrangements and so much more! This doesn't have to be an overwhelming time! This can be a wonderful, fun experience!!